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 Longman Essay Activator
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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Longman Essay Activator   Longman Essay Activator EmptyFri 05 Jun 2009, 22:51

Longman Essay Activator 000a4e65_medium
The Essay Activator has been created to help you improve your written English. By varying the range of vocabulary and expressions that you use, your essays will become richer and your grades will improve.
There are 28 Essay Activators. Each of these contains all the important words and phrases that can be used to perform a particular function in your essay, for example showing that you agree with an idea (Agreeing); explaining how something has increased (Increasing) or saying what other people think (Quoting People).
For example, If you want to give some examples in your essay, look at Section 1 and you will find a variety of words and phrases to avoid repeating for example every time: for instance, be a case in point, by way of illustration etc. If there are a lot of examples you could mention, look at Section 2 for ways of dealing with this: such as, including, to name but a few etc.
Each word or phrase is followed by an explanation of the meaning and/or use and is illustrated with example sentences. These examples can be used as models for you to produce your own natural-sounding sentences.
In each of the Essay Activators you will also find Study Notes about grammar and formality. For example, in Section 2 of Giving Examples there is a Study Note at such as to explain that there is not usually a comma before this phrase, whereas there is usually one before for example and including.

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Longman Essay Activator
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