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 [Album] Andy Lau – Love Hope
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[Album] Andy Lau – Love Hope Empty

[Album] Andy Lau – Love Hope 3277251830_2f1b5cc657_o
Release Date: 13 February 2009
Language: Mandarin
Genre: Pop
Asian superstar Andy Lau brings back some sorely needed positive energy in his eagerly anticipated return to Canto-pop! Last time he released a Cantonese studio album, it was Voice in 2006. Now with his latest album Love Hope, the Pop King shows that he is still a force to be reckoned with – and an uplifting one at that!
Promoting harmony and optimism in a time of despair and depression, Andy, a talented songwriter himself, inspires listeners to brave the adversity with his chart-topping single “Growing Up Overnight”, whereas ace lyricist Lin Xi’s hit ballad “The Saddest is Yet to Come”, despite the title, actually helps soothe the broken-hearted. The album also features the heartwarming number I Wish and the romantic theme song “You are All I Have” from Andy’s 2009 movie Look for a Star. What’s more, four brand spankin’ new Mandarin bonus tracks are thrown in to give listeners more reasons to be happy!
01.长途伴侣 (zhang tu ban lü)
02.I Wish
03.未到伤心处 (wei dao shang xin chu)
04.痴心不再流行 (chi xin bu zai liu xing)
05.你是我所有 (ni shi wo suo you)
06.一晚长大 (yi wan zhang da)
07.大男人 (da nan ren)
08.我只想你好 (wo zhi xiang ni hao)
09.恩赐 (en si)
10.等我 (deng wo)
11.I Do (国语)
12.美丽的回忆 (国语) (mei li de hui yi)
13.最好的朋友 (国语) (zui hao de peng you)
14.承诺 (国语) (cheng nuo)
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File: Andy Lau – Love
Size: 75.06 MB
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[Album] Andy Lau – Love Hope
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