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 Dành cho ai đam mê -Pro ASP.NET 2.0 E-Commerce in C# 2005
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Dành cho ai đam mê -Pro ASP.NET 2.0 E-Commerce in C# 2005  Empty

Pro ASP.NET 2.0 E-Commerce in C# 2005 takes you through the e-commerce web application development cycle, from conception to coding to deployment and maintenance. It will also help you maximize your potential profits, learn what risks are involved, and take the necessary steps to minimize those risks. The book begins by introducing e-commerce systems and lays out the toolset. To help you learn about meeting and overcoming real-world challenges, the book features a case study of a fictional company, Little Italy Vineyards.

As you progress through the book, you’ll focus on e-commerce requirements, then proceed to model the objects utilizing UML to generate and define the complete architecture for the example application. Once you put it all together, you’ll address the site coding. In this section, author Paul Sarknas demonstrates how the practical application of modern programming techniques, like web services and Ajax, can have direct impact on your customer’s user experience and the success of your site.

After design and development are complete, the author focuses on utilizing the best deployment methods for maintaining the application and allowing maximum scalability. By the end of this book, you’ll have all the skills you’ll need to begin creating professional quality e-commerce systems from the ground up.
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Dành cho ai đam mê -Pro ASP.NET 2.0 E-Commerce in C# 2005
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